Thursday, 10 July 2014

Reading the Romances

     I am on an almost two and a half months vacation after my semester exams and this vacation is coming to an end in about a week or so. I am excited about the new semester and looking forward to meet the new lot of juniors. It's been boring for some time now. There, I said it. Vacations after certain time tend to get boring. When I think about these two and a half months it strikes me that I did nothing but I read. Honestly, I read books by just one author. A confession, I am a sucker for romances. But the who isn't? A little love doesn't hurt anyone, especially when it is fictional. So, I read about 35 books by Nora Roberts this summer, which is not over yet. Whenever I thought I had had enough of the author, I found myself browsing for another book by her may be to see how she spins another tale with almost same elements. I wouldn't say she is phenomenal but I like her and that's enough for me to maintain a blog about her works. With more than 200 books in her kitty she is someone you just can't ignore.

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     A little bit of snooping around tells me that she writes for 8 hours a day even when on holidays. A friend justified this as work ethics but I think she is as big a sucker for romances as I am. Often in her novels she spices the the romance with thrill. We can keep guessing who the killer is but let's just say she doesn't want us to play detectives. There's no point, anyway. Most of the times the least likely person turns out to be the bad guy with some deep down hidden motive. But we are convinced and that's what makes her good. If you catch the killer, treat yourself with a candy. Frankly, my dear, you have earned it. So, I am going to maintain a blog on books by Roberts for two reasons. The first one being my fondness for her. Too obvious, isn't it? The second reason, with more than 200 books to read and write about I am not going to run out of topics any time soon. Also, don't be too surprised if you find me being critical about her books. Liking her doesn't mean I accept everything she writes. Maybe, someday I will write about 'In Death' series as well.

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