Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Morrigan's Cross, 2006 (The Circle Trilogy, Book #1)

     A sorcerer,a witch, a warrior, a scholar, a vampire and a shapeshifer come together to form a circle, a circle of six. Hoyt, the sorcerer, must unite them and they have until Samhain to prepare for the battle against the one known as Lilith. Morrigan puts Hoyt as the commander of this battle. He is intense and looking forward to avenge Cian, his twin who has been turned into a vampire by Lilith. He time travels from twelfth century Ireland and finds himself in his brother's apartment in New York in the present century. Glenna, the witch seeks them falls in love with Hoyt. Moira, the scholar and her cousin Larkin, the shapeshifter also time travel from Geall to play their part. And lastly comes the warrior Blair to complete the circle. Together they must kill the queen of Vampires to save the world and humanity.

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     Talk to me about humor. Cian has got an excellent sense of humor and many a times you wouldn't realize that you are smiling. This is the first book in the Circle trilogy and unlike Nora's other series this one can't be read alone. The story continues in the succeeding parts. This book focuses on Hoyt-Glenna romance apart from the battle, of course! The witch and the sorcerer, isn't that interesting? When I say that Nora's characters are everywhere, I mean it! They are present even in the twelfth century Ireland. We all have heard about legends. Some of us even believe in them. My grandma definitely believed in them. Anyway! Think of this book as something that happened and now is a popular legend. Ireland is famous for its legends and folklore and Nora experiments with them in this book. She plays with the myths. Maybe it's a lot to take in but then supernatural stuff never fails to intrigue me.

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