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Dance of the Gods, 2006 (The Circle Trilogy, Book #2)

The chosen six; the sorcerer, the witch, the vampire, the scholar, the warrior and the shifter of shapes continue their pursuit of saving mankind. Larkin, the one of many shapes, is the perfect guy you would hope for. He is agile, strong, compassionate and there's not a mean bone in his body. He is the Lord of Geall  and has time traveled for medieval time with his cousin Moira to present day Ireland to be a part of Morrigan's army. He can turn himself into any living being. Oh boy! The real surprise comes when he turns himself into a dragon. The image that I get into my mind is not of some evil dragon breathing fire but a cute one. Nora's doing. Initially, when Nora projected King as the warrior, my reaction was - Damn! no romance for Larkin. But as Blair Murphy made her appearance, Nora balanced it all. She is as big a sucker for romance as you and I. Remember? Blair is a demon hunter. She had her first kill when she was thirteen. Real prodigy, huh! She prefers solitude because that's what she has known. Her father walked out of her life, the person she loved with all her heart walked out on her and all she had was her own company. But Larkin changed it all for her.
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     The fight between Morrigan's army and Lilith is to take place in three months. This book focuses on the second month of the preparations along with Blair-Larkin relationship. They go to Geall where the battle is to take place. They train Geallians to fight with them. Lora is being a bitch of the highest order. More than Lilith, I despise her. Cian is as usual has got amazing comebacks.

"There has to be a way to protect him if there's sunlight."
"Easy for you to say, Red." Cian rose to get a glass of whiskey. "Your delicate skin may burn a bit in strong sunlight, but you don't go to ash, do you?"
"Some sort of block, Hoyt," Glenna began.
"I don't think SPF-forty will do the trick," Cian countered.
(Dance of the Gods, 2006) 

See! You just can't resist his good humor. I like the guy already and couldn't wait to read the third and final part of this trilogy. As for others, Hoyt and Glenna are very much in love. Larkin and Blair are figuring it for themselves. Moira is being the princess. If you think she is fragile, you are in for a surprise. She will lead the army to war. Why she? Read the book. :D

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