Sunday, 31 August 2014

Valley of Silence, 2006 (The Circle Trilogy, Book #3)

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I have always felt bad enough for Damon Salvatore and now Roberts has added one more vampire to that list. They are highly misunderstood by many and loved by only a few. Cian, the vampire, has lived almost a thousand years and was sired by the Queen of Vampires, Lilith. She abandoned him and now, after centuries of damnation he has joined hands with the other five to avenge himself and save the mankind. Moira,the scholar and the Queen of Gaell, takes this task upon herself to lead the army to the Valley of Silence to fight this battle. But will they win this war? The answer to that is obvious but the reasons aren't. They all had personal motives but had they been fighting for themselves, they would have never achieved what they did. Moira who seemed a bit weak in the first two books of this trilogy is nothing but a true warrior. She lives with the burden of deaths of her people on her soul. Torn between her duties and her emotions, she is holding onto something which can not stay in her life for long. A vampire and a human can't be together. It takes 8 years for the gods to realize that they are meant to be together. Cian receives a gift from Morrigan and build a life on it, with Moira. Though the guy has seen the worst of everything, his sense of humor is unscathed; sentences dripping with sarcasm.  This is the best book written in this trilogy. The letter written by Cian to Moria broke my heart, just a little. However, I am still to fathom one thing. How come there are no Orange groves in Gaell but plenty of Whiskey?

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